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Pipe replacement in the historic city of Warsaw


As part of the renovation of the water supply system at Miodowa street in the historic city of Warsaw an old steel pipe was replaced with a cast iron pipe using static pipe bursting over 400 m length. It was decided to replace the steel pipe ND 150 mm with a ductile iron pipe of the same diameter. A major requirement of the client was minimal interference of the traffic along the busy Miodowa road, so the project called for a trenchless replacement method. Plus the existing underground infrastructure had to be located exactly.

Proud Grandson carries on Family tradition as Head of Sales for Reef Trenchless Technology, SA


TT-UK have worked with their sales partner Reef Trenchless Technology of Johannesburg for almost twenty years and the recent and very sudden and sad passing of Chris Elhers, (former Managing Director of Reef), was a shock to everyone. Tyler Craayenstein (the Grandson of Chris) has now taken over as Head of Sales for the Trenchless Technology Business and is proud to be continuing to build on his Grandfather’s firm foundations.

New Nitrogen Pipeline for the University Hospital Bern

newsLiderImageFounded in 1534, the “Inselspital” hospital in the city of Bern today is one of the most prominent University Hospitals in Switzerland and an internationally renowned centre for high-tech medical science. The premises in the western part of the city include several buildings accommodating numerous highly specialised clinics where round about 40.000 inpatients and 520.000 outpatients are treated per year. It is not hard to imagine that the infrastructure for operating such a high-technology complex is very expansive and has to be continuously adapted to the requirements. In order to extend the pipeline network a new nitrogen pipeline had to be installed from a fuel depot into a building housing the intensive care, casualty and surgery units (INO).

Installation of a Beer Pipeline for a brewery using the ramming method

newsLiderImageIn order to extend the production capacity of the Bavarian brewery “Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee” two steel pipes ND 800 had to be installed to connect the new brewery site to the existing production facility. The steel pipes will be hosting beer and nitrogen pipelines, power cables, etc. With dynamic ramming as the chosen method, the Koloss from TRACTO-TECHNIK was just the machine for the job. The unique challenge of this job was that over a length of 11 meters a building had to be undercrossed.

World Premiere GRUNDODRILL11XP!!

newsLiderImageThe drill rig for inner city use and for bores in the most confined spaces!

First-time presentation at „NordBau“ trade fair in Neumünster/Germany, September 09 – 13, 2015



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