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A sharp bend beneath the river Enz

newsLiderImage In the Northern Black Forest, there are many very narrow valleys, trenched by a number of streams. These stream valleys also present important traffic ways; densely wooded hillsides, roads and forest paths share the narrow confines of the valley above the wild riverbank. Whenever supply lines need to cross such a valley recess, you can be sure to encounter a tight affair. Near Simmersfeld, the river Enz and a federal road had to be undercrossed almost at right angles to allow the installation of a buried cable for current conduction (until then, the power was supplied via overhead line, prone to influences by the weather).

Crossing underneath the railway area of Schwarzenbach

newsLiderImage Schwarzenbach lies in the centre of the Erz Mountains, along the railway line from Zwickau in Germany to Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) in the Czech Republic which passes through Aue and Johanngeorgenstadt. Within the railway area, six tracks, two platforms, two roads and an embankment had to be undercrossed to install buried cables for the power supply of a new commercial zone behind the railway station.

Challenging renewal of a grey cast iron pipe

Delémont, the capital of the Swiss canton of Jura, is located between the cities Basle and Biel in the north-west of Switzerland, close to the French border. Medieval buildings, neat house fronts and attractive museums embellish the face of the picturesque old town.
In the Rue du Temple, a road in a residential area nestling above the old town, a 60 mm gas line made of grey cast iron and installed in the 1950ies was to be replaced by a PE pipe 72/90.


newsLiderImage According to this new claim TRACTO-TECHNIK presented its complete range of NODIG systems during the “Hands on Days” which took place from September 16 – 26,2014 for the 10th time. More than 600 visitors from Europe, Australia, Asia und Africa got an in-depth experience of TT’s Trenchless Technologies in theory and practiced during this well-established event held at the TT headquarters in Lennestadt/Germany.

Reliable HDD technology in a lonely region

newsLiderImage Country wise Finland is almost as large as Germany but has 5.4m inhabitants only. Countless lakes and many nameless islands characterise the country. Not far away from Suonenjoki, a city with 7500 inhabitants and round about 300km in the north of Helsinki the GRUNDODRILL 18ACS (manufacturer TRACTO-TECHNIK) has performed a rock bore of high difficulty underneath a lake in the fishing grounds of  Nokisenkoski.

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