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TRACTO-TECHNIK is fit for the future

newsLiderImage Official inauguration of the new logistics centre at the Lennestadt location
The construction of the new logistics centre at the headquarters in Lennestadt-Saalhausen is a milestone in the history of TRACTO-TECHNIK. On the one hand, the over 4,500 m2 large hall, which was erected in only 14 months on Winterberger Strasse, is the largest building in the history of the special machinery manufacturer. On the other hand, the ultra-modern logistics centre is one of the central measures in the implementation of a far-reaching modernisation strategy and thus a visible sign of the future viabil ...

Focus on the versatility of trenchless pipe laying techniques

newsLiderImage Executing companies in the civil engineering sector are well aware that trenchless technologies can be used to install and renew different types of pipes in an environmentally friendly and economical manner The clients and planners, however, are not as well informed about the advantages and possibilities of NODIG systems for supply and disposal. To raise awareness, TRACTO-TECHNIK Marketing has developed a complementary communication approach and launched it at this year's Hands on Days.

GRUNDOROCK 375-6.5 - New mud motor with rock drilling unit for standard drilling rigs

newsLiderImage In order to expand the application range of their NODIG systems and make using them even more profitable, TRACTO-TECHNIK is continuously advancing the technology. That way, numerous innovations trenchless pipeline construction have been developed for. A clever new development for Horizontal Directional Drilling is a mud motor with attached rock drilling unit GRUNDOROCK375-6.5, which makes it possible to bore through solid rock using standard HDD systems.

Trenchless pipe renewal in the narrow alleys of the historic centre of Rabat

newsLiderImage In the historic Takadoum district in the centre of the Moroccan capital Rabat, a heavily damaged old water pipeline was renewed without trenches under difficult conditions using the static pipe bursting method.

Gentle installation of gas service pipe using the keyhole in Ingolstadt/Germany

newsLiderImage A large number of supply and disposal lines run underground, making the installation of new lines more and more difficult. So what shall be done if a subsequent property service connection to an existing supply line becomes necessary
Installation in open construction usually involves a great deal of effort: a trench must be dug, the pipe laid and the trench then filled back again. Apart from the long time needed for the execution of this work, it also means a considerable interference with the traffic infrastructure and the destruction of many a well maintained front garden or paved yard ...


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Professional drilling fluid recycling is a crucial factor for the economic success of every HDD operation. In order to provide a proven and functional recycling technique for HDD rigs in the performance category up to 300 kN, we cooperate with the leading recycling specialist AMC Europe.




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