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Keyhole service installations using GRUNDOPIT K trenchless drilling technique

Don Wilkinson will be presenting a technical paper on behalf of the TT-Group at TRENCHLESS ASIA 2012 on Wednesday 4th July (10am, Session 5). The exhibition and conference is being held at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. The presentation highlights the massive cost savings in financial, social and environmental terms using a combination of keyhole coring, safer Suction Excavation technologies and semi automatic down the hole horizontal drilling methods.

GRUNDOPIT K is a new technique that uses steerable directional drilling and keyhole coring and suction excavation techniques in combination.Using this method it is possible to accuratley drill and install ducting and pipework from a 610mm diameter cored keyhole.
The method of using horizontal directional drilling is a well established technique, however GRUNDOPIT K allows the method to be adopted into an enviounment that traditionally utilitises trenches or small excavations for impact moling techniques. The benefits of the Keyhole method are:
  • Traditional excavation and re instatement methods are virtually eliminated thus saving on time, disruption, congestion and expense.
  • Implications on  traffic management act as the method reduces the period on site.
  • Utilises the well established safe digging technique of suction excavation to excavate onto or around buried pipes and cables.
  • Complete installation and re instatement possible in reduced time
  • Import and export of material often not necessary as material removed can be re used and original pavement core can be permanently glued exactly to original road profile .
  • mplications to local Highways Authorities guarantee as original materials used and glueing core is highly unlikely to settle or heave from its re instated position.

The TT Group manufactures and supplies a wide range of Trenchless Technology equipment, for the most cost effective method of installing and replacing existing pipes and cables underground without associated traffic disruption, environmental impact, noise, dust, pollution etc. 

Prime Drilling will also be exhibiting; This company is renowned worldwide for their 150t-600t midi to maxi range of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs.
TT will be located on Stand X12 and personnel from TT-UK, TT-Asia Pacific and Prime Drilling will be available for the duration of the exhibition to discuss your immediate or potential requirements.
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