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Veolia Water Network Services make it five

Veolia Water Network Services has just added a GRUNDOBURST 800G to its fleet of Tracto-Technik pipe bursting machines. The power and speed of the new machine made it the perfect choice for Veolia’s recent project in western Sydney.

Veolia Water Network Services has again shown their commitment to having the highest quality and most reliable machines in their fleet of trenchless equipment by purchasing another Tracto-Technik (TT) product, the GRUNDOBURST 800G machine.


Veolia Water Network Services General Manager Kent Johns and Project Manager Joe Mushoul both agree that with the amount of pipe they have to put in the ground, the TT 800G GRUNDOBURST was the only choice. The machine’s quality, reliability and power were key factors, but it was the speed of the GRUNDOBURST’s patented “Quick Lock” rods that made the choice easy. Mr Mushoul also says that the support and relationship built up with the TT-Asia Pacific team was a huge advantage.


The first project undertaken using the new 800G GRUNDOBURST was in the western suburbs of Sydney, where 250 m of 200 mm diameter CICL (cast ironed concrete lined) potable water mains had to be replaced. The pipes had been laid in 1958 and the 800G was an obvious choice for the job. Pipe bursting was the preferred method due to the need to keep restoration costs to a minimum and because there were a number of trees and driveways along the route that could not be damaged.


The GRUNDOBURST 800G replacing the 200 mm CICL water mains

The burst was completed in two runs of 90 m and one run of 70 m with the use of two intermediate pits. With 40 house connections on the line, Veolia had to install a temporary water supply to avoid disruption to local residents. The job was completed without incident and to the satisfaction of the client.


TT-Asia Pacific is proud to be able to continue working with Veolia Water Network Services. TT Managing Director Tom Hughes says “Customer service is top of the list for the team at TT-Asia Pacific and supporting a progressive and forward-thinking company like Veolia Water Network Services is a pleasure.”


To date, TT-Asia Pacific has supplied Veolia with five GRUNDOBURST machines – two 400G machines, two 800G machines and one 1250G machine.


Veolia also has in its fleet a 145 GRUNDOCRACK and a 10 tonne constant tension Grundowinch. This range of quality pipe bursting equipment puts Veolia at the forefront of the trenchless pipe replacement industry, both in terms of technology and capability.


All of Veolia’s operators and staff have completed TT-Asia Pacific’s comprehensive pipe bursting training course. This ensures that crews have an extensive knowledge of all pipe bursting procedures, enabling them to service their clients in all situations.


Veolia Water Network Services looks forward to a continued relationship with the team at TT-Asia Pacific – a relationship built on professionalism, service, and Veolia’s decision to purchase the highest quality trenchless equipment available.


Source: Trenchless Austrasia, 07/2010




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