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TUBOMAT 642 - A classic turns 40

It is older than some of the Tracto-Technik employees in plant 2 and eponym for the TT Group pipe fabrication division. What is meant is the TUBOMAT 642 hydraulic pipe bending machine which celebrates its 40th birthday these days and still enjoys great popularity in the hydraulic branch...

Actually this pipe bending machine was developed just for TT’s own requirements as Tracto-Technik, which was founded in 1962, produced devices for pulling drill rods and sheet piles as well as hydraulic units and Diesel stations for ramming frames in the beginning years. But company founder Paul Schmidt looked in vain for a suitable machine to install the required hydraulic pipes. Thus the smart engineer from Germany quickly invented a “Device for hydraulic pipe processing” which was applied for patent in Germany, Great Britain, France and the United States.

On November 15, 1969 engineer Paul Schmidt applied a “Device for hydraulic pipe processing” for patent. Patent applications for Great Britain, the United States and France followed a year later.

Innovative and functional ...
This new device was developed with the objective to integrate all required working steps for proc-essing and assembling hydraulic pipes in one compact and mobile machine. The pipes not only had to be sawed, deburred and bent but had also to be prepared for the connection to the sur-rounding hydraulic components. For this purpose a pre-assembly device for cutting rings was in-corporated. Finally the machine was given the brand name TUBOMAT, being suitable for process-ing hydraulic pipes in the common range of 6 to 42 mm diameter. Initially the machine was distrib-uted with the help of a regional sales partner but due to the rapid and great success the machine was soon marketed and sold by TT itself.

Hydraulic piping without limits with the allround pro TUBOMAT: Sawing, deburring, bending, cutting ring pre-assembly, flaring or chamfering.

A market success ...
With around 1800 machines sold worldwide the TUBOMAT 642 can rightly be called a real long seller. This is certainly due to the continuous product improvement process which was conse-quently implemented on the basis of the customers’ feedback. The market requirements and de-mands resulted in various detailed improvements, as for example plane of bend device and length-stop as well as automatic mandrel retraction and bending angle pre-selection with digital display of the bending function. Or the automatic pressure adjustment for cutting ring pre-assembly with the specific assembling pressure being automatically adapted to the assembly tool being used. Addi-tionally a flaring unit (37° SAE and 10°) and chamfering funit were integrated into the TUBOMAT 672. Since 2005 the machine even has a “big brother” – the TUBOMAT 648 which is suitable for processing hydraulic pipes from von Ø 6 to 48 m. Further decisive factors of success, which char-acterize the TUBOMAT to date, are the easy and safe handling and its mobile and flexible use on any kind of jobsite..

The TUBOMAT through the ages.

Simply indestructible ...b>
The TUBOMAT pipe bender is not only functional but also very robust and durable, as the following anecdote proves: In autumn 2003 a „primal TUBOMAT” was sent back to plant 2 in Lennestadt for maintenance. The nameplate stated “07-70” as month of fabrication, which means that the ma-chine belonged to the very first generation built and was in use form more than 33 years. The pipe saw of this original bending machine was mounted to the front and it was equipped with five levers instead of currently three. The machine had no bending angle pre-selection function or digital dis-play but it still served its purpose perfectly.


In use for 33 years and still working: A TUBOMAT manufactured in 1970 which was sent back to plant 2 in Lennestadt for general maintenance in autumn 2003.

From a specialist for hydraulic pipes to a system provider for pipe processing
Emanating from the pipe bending machine TUBOMAT 642 the complete TT division for pipe processing technique developed. Today the product range comprises all-electric and electro-hydraulic CNC pipe bending machines, semi-automatic pipe bending machines, pipe end forming machines, pipe measuring systems, software and system solutions for pipe processing plus fabrication and assembly machines for hydraulic pipes – according to the claim “The only choice for perfect pipe fabrication”.





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