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GRUNDOBURST 400S additional application is good news for Wessex Water

TT-UK LTD of Bedford has recently collaborated with Wessex Water to solve a problem they had when replacing pipes for dirty water.The obstacle they faced was when working on sewerage pipe replacements in a domestic setting with limited access. Traditional equipment was too large and cumbersome to negotiate along narrow back alleyways of the terraced properties.

Wessex Water used the GRUNDOBURST 400S ( the result of this collaboration) to burst out 6” pitch fibre sewer pipes & replacing in 2 metre lengths with 180mm screwed Demco PE pipe SDR11 gravity sewer pipe at a property in the village of Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire, which had no rear or side access.
The job ran through the property owners back garden and in to the neighbours back garden where the exit pit was dug out. The pipe bursting of approximately 55 metres in soil conditions of sandy clay was completed in record time of only two and a half hours from start to finish. Wessex Water was extremely pleased with the results.
Prior to using the GRUNDOBURST 400S, traditional hand dig methods were utilised in nearly every case where space was confined. Situations like this had meant that in some cases out-buildings, garages and greenhouses were having to be dismantled or demolished and then re-assembled or re-built altogether; adding higher, unnecessary extra costs to the projects. 
The other problem they faced was that even if the units could negotiate the terrain, they were faced with not being able work from a manhole due to the size and power of the equipment needed to do the job.
The GRUNDOBURST 400S can be easily dismantled within ten minutes in to six smaller, more manageable sections. This means that dual application is possible with either manhole or larger pit launch. Placed in position the rig is quickly and easily re-assembled either above or below ground and then lowered in to position by a lightweight portable lifting gantry.
Dependant on conditions, pipe sizes can range from ND50 to ND250 up to approximately 100 metres in length. Extension hoses can be laid down paths, alleyways and even through properties with the operational Bursting Rig located 100 plus metres away.
Armed with the same power as its bigger brother the GRUNDOBURST 400G, the smaller modular 400S can use either 700mm or 500mm QuickLock rods (500mm ideal for limited space within a manhole) and still deploy 27 tonnes of forward thrust and 40 tonnes pull back. 
This makes it the ideal solution for pipe replacement in areas with restricted access.
After job completion the rig is quickly dismantled with the added benefit of easy clean, wash down of individual sections




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