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UMS - First Suction Excavator in Scotland

In January 2008, Underground Moling Services Ltd, part of the Turriff Group of Companies, became the first company in Scotland to take delivery of a TT-UK/RSP Suction Excavator high speed single fanned machine. This is the first of two ordered by Underground Moling Services Ltd the second being a twinned fan version which is due to arrive at the start of May.

Suction Excavators are machines designed to excavate a hole in the ground, but to do so in such a way as to prevent damaging anything buried in the ground like utilities. It manages this by utilising either high-pressure air or water, (water used in more difficult soil conditions) to penetrate expand and break up soil. As the ground is loosened, it is removed by suction and stored in a holding tank/ hopper. This material can either be used as backfill, if suitable or be transported away from site for disposal.


The decision was made to purchase these Suction Excavators following a visit to the manufacturer’s premises in Germany, which during the trip included on-site demonstrations of the machines capabilities. Underground Moling Services Ltd felt that the Suction Excavator had four main benefits, these being Safety, Environmental, People and Customers. Breaking these main benefits down it was easy to see that investment in the Suction Excavators would increase the Company’s ability to deliver an additional aspect to their already diversionary and complementary skills capability.


  • Reduced risk of injury to digging teams due to reductions in Manual Handling injuries
  • Hand Arm Vibration becomes almost non existent during operation
  • Avoidance of underground service damage
  • Reduced plant and equipment on site
  • Elimination of excavated material within work area


  • Smaller excavation size
  • Reduced tipping charges
  • Reinstatement costs reduced through no over excavating
  • Noise levels far below those of traditional site excavating equipment
  • Reduction to waste tipping charges
  • Less air borne pollutants


  • Increased productivity due to reduced time undertaking excavations
  • Reduction in slips, trips and falls
  • Excavated material within work area eliminated giving increased work space
  • Fewer barriers required due to reduced excavation size and spoil removal


  • Less localised traffic disruption during works operations
  • Works completed in a more timely manner
  • Time spent on site by other plant greatly reduced freeing areas for residents


Following these topics being investigated thoroughly by the Turriff Group, discussions were held with TT-UK, the UK and Ireland distributors for the TT-UK/RSP Suction Excavator machines, which concluded in the order.

David Morrison, the Group Managing Director said, “The suction excavator market has grown as contractors prefer the manoeuvrability and lower running costs of the units. Major benefits of these machines are that they uncover buried utilities in a safe manner, thus reducing accidental strikes on utilities, which interrupt essential services, as well as financial penalties in damages, serious injuries, and in some cases, fatalities”.

Andrew Monaghan, Underground Moling Services Ltd General Manager, continued, “We feel that this first machine will complement our current work activities by way of increased outputs, reducing works programming times along with site efficiency’s in excavations”. Andrew went on to say, “We have worked with TT-UK in the past and decided to purchase this TT-UK/RSP Suction Excavator through them due to their industry experience along with their pre-purchase and after sales service record”.


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