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Near-surface drilling with GRUNDODRILL 4X for fibre glass network extension

In the city of Ahaus in Germany and the surrounding area, 60 km of fibre glass cable are being installed for the fibre glass network of the Bornet GmbH Borken. Approx. 30 kilometres are already under the ground. The installation of the fibre glass cables will start when at least 40 % of the house owners commission the connection.

The installation will be carried out consequently applying a trenchless method. When driving to the jobsite, the large-scale commercial posters set up along the roadside by the executing construction company Eggert catch the eye of the passer by. The attention of car drivers and pedestrians passing along the road is drawn towards the application of the trenchless installation method. This idea is worthy of imitation to make people aware of the advantages of trenchless installation technology.
The fibre glass network is made up of protection pipes ND 50 resp. 40 mm, each of them hosting  either 9 or 7 micro-ducts with a diameter of 10 mm each. The fibre glass cables are to be installed inside these ducts.
The bore path runs under the pavement, directly beneath the roadbed and therefore 35 - 40 cm deeper than the upper surface of the road. 
Such near-surface drilling operations are plain sailing for the compactly designed and versatile small drill rig GRUNDODRILL 4 X; it does its job efficiently and safely. Near-surface drilling does not require elaborate excavation works, the costs for working pits are reduced. The drill rig is rapidly aligned and can start immediately. Bore lengths vary between 30 m and 120 m. On arrival at the target, the bore head is replaced by an upsizing head and the pipe is pulled in with the help of a cable stocking. The small start or target pits are designed to serve as pits for the house connections at the same time. The house connection itself is established using a soil displacement hammer. That way the trenchless installation is ensured as far as possible. 
The companies Kemper from Reken and Eggert from Heek work with several drilling crews as sub-contactors for the company Heming from Stadtlohn. Both companies employ the GRUNDODRILL 4X with success. They define success through their high daily progress.
Winfried Leusbrock, manager of the company Eggert GmbH, adds: “The GRUNDODRILL 4X is ready for work in a flash and takes up very little road space. Low operation costs and minimal drilling fluid consumption are further assets.  Even though the drill rods are inserted manually, the crew loves to work with this drill rig. That is why we have already ordered a second rig”, Winfried Leusbrock tells us. “The capacity utilisation of our drill rigs - we even have a GRUNDODRILL 15 XP among our train of machinery - is guaranteed until far into the coming year.”   




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