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Fast pipe renovation in the city of Adelaide with GRUNDOBURST 1250G

TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia was recently contacted by leading pipe renewal specialist, Interflow, to discuss the benefits of its GRUNDOBURST pipe rehabilitation systems for an exciting project the company was commissioned to undertake on behalf of SA Water in the city of Adelaide, Australia.

Tracto-Technik has been a leading manufacturer of trenchless technology products for over 50 years and offers a wide range of rehabilitation technology throughout the world. TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia is a sister company to Tracto-Technik and supplies the Australian and Pacific regions.
The scope of renovation works was extensive at over 6 km, consisting of numerous pulls of varying lengths. The existing locking bar, 600 mm mild steel, concrete lined trunk water main was installed in 1898 and is the oldest locking bar steel pipe in South Australia. Due to the critical nature and age of the main SA Water had decided to renew the asset using a specialist close-fit lining method known as pipe reduction.
With the reduction method the outer diameter of the new PE long pipe is reduced mechanically using a special device (reducing dye) to allow it to be pulled through the old pipe and to press closely against its inner wall without annular space. Up to now hydraulic cable winches with up to 400 kN pulling force have been used to pull in the new pipe. Meanwhile the GRUNDOBURST system is also being used for the reduction method as pulling force and pulling speed are adjustable and the patended QuickLock bursting rods guarantee constant and even force transmission. Depending on the GRUNDOBURST model pulling forces up to 2500 kN can be applied.
The Marion/Holbrook Road projects in Adelaide were to be undertaken in challenging urban areas with high traffic volumes which meant a compact, versatile system was required to reduce space on site and ensure that heavily trafficked arterial roads into the city could be kept flowing with ease. Hence open trenching was virtually excluded and trenchless renovation using the GRUNDOBURST provided the optimum solution.
Moreover the GRUNDOBURST 1250G enables contractors to reduce costs due to fast set up times and quick installation speeds. All these advantages convinced the contractor and Interflow purchased the GRUNDOBURST 1250G system from TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia’s head office in Brisbane.
The new product pipe chosen was to be an HDPE, ND 560, PE 100 pipe which was to be pulled through a reducing dye and the existing main under constant tension using the GRUNDOBURST until it reached the retrieval pit. Inside the old pipe the new pipe to returns naturally towards its original diameter (Memory effect) until it presses closely against the inner wall of the existing main. 
Initial above ground trials were undertaken by TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia and Interflow personnel to simulate the pipe behaviour prior to work commencing on the initial 250 m length of the pipeline being renovated.
Once complete, the GRUNDOBURST 1250 G was set behind extension frames in the ‘start pit’ and the complete string of Quicklock rods were inserted into the host pipe with ease and at an impressive speed. 
During this time the reduction dye was set up and installed at the ‘retrieval pit’ and upon arrival of the pilot push head, a quick connection was made to the GRUNDOLOG tensile load measuring device and then to the pulling head was connected to the product pipe . The GRUNDOLOG system enables the contractor to measure and record the pull data and tensile loads exerted onto the product pipe which could then in turn be downloaded and stored for future records if required.
The pull-in process with the GRUNDOBURST went very smoothly with the pulling forces encountered all being within the capabilities of the system/pulling rig and the pipe specifications. The complete string of PE product pipe was installed quickly and efficiently to the delight of all present on site.
TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia personnel, along with a product specialist from Tracto-Technik’s head office in Germany, were present during the initial installation process to assist with the technical transfer and were pleased to work alongside the experienced and professional crews at Interflow.
The project and sale of the GRUNDOBURST system has been a great success for TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia  which continues to strengthen its presence in the region by offering high levels of customer service and innovative trenchless technology products. 
For further information on GRUNDOBURST systems or any additional products available from the TT Group please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at our Asia Pacific head office based in Brisbane on +61 734205455.or




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