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Company profile

TRACTO-TECHNIK develops, produces and markets machines and accessories for the underground installation and renewal of pipelines. These trenchless NODIG technologies are used for the construction of supply networks for water, gas and power, telecommunications, district heating, fibre optic cable networking and in pipeline construction as well as in sewage disposal. The customers who use these special machines mainly come from the area of civil engineering and specialized civil engineering, but also include utility companies and network operators.

Inspiring trenchless technologies

The economical and ecological advantages of trenchless technologies compared with open trenching are obvious: Valuable surfaces are protected, time-consuming and expensive excavation and restoration work is not required, there are no traffic jams or diversions, only low emissions of noise, CO2 and particulate matter and the actual construction times are shortened significantly.

Our unique product portfolio covers the entire range of trenchless pipeline construction for supply and disposal. Be it soil displacement hammers and mini drilling systems for installing service connections, ramming machines for pipeline construction, HDD systems for crossing traffic routes and waterways or pipe bursting systems for pipe renewal. Because our claim is to not only provide reliable technology, but also complex and flexible solutions.

Strong customer focus

We all pursue the aim of providing our customers with products and services of outstanding quality, which can be used efficiently at a high environmental standard. Doing so, our corporate values are the foundation of our thoughts and actions and the touchstone for our daily work. We approach our daily challenges with enthusiasm, clarity, independence and a down-to-earth attitude.

As an owner-managed family business we have developed into an award-winning, internationally successful special machine manufacturer since the company's foundation in 1962, today having around 500 employees wordwide and sales representatives in over 70 countries. Our company is managed by Managing Directors Wolfgang Schmidt (Owner/MD), Timotheus Hofmeister (CFO), Meinolf Rameil (CTO) and Uwe Prinz (CMO).

Innovation as a company tradition

We are among the pioneers in the development and manufacturing of innovative systems for underground pipeline installation. While searching for the best solution, company founder Paul Schmidt invented the first German soil displacement hammer in the early 1970s. Under the moletrademark, the GRUNDOMAT revolutionised pipeline installation and remains a byword for trenchless technologies to this day.

The enthusiasm for optimal solutions and the fascination for innovative technology drive us to this day. We have developed groundbreaking technical solutions and made a decisive contribution in shaping the industry. This innovative strength makes us a "Hidden Champion" in medium-sized businesses in Germany and is reflected in well over 350 current patents and numerous awards.

Globally networked

Six sister companies in Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Morocco, the USA and Australia as well as sales partners in numerous international markets enable professional networking with all relevant market players. This allows us to ensure maximum availability, individual service and competent personal consulting for our customers worldwide. We also use our network to exchange industry expertise right on target to create maximum added value for clients, planners and users. 

Smart solutions for pipe bending

Another business unit of our company are machines, manufacturing systems and software solutions for pipe forming and machining technology, which are developed, produced and marketed under the independent brand of "Pipe Bending Systems". This name reflects the core competence, which is expertise in system solutions for pipe machining in individual and small production runs at a high level of product variety. After all, optimised pipe systems are essential all around the world to ensure functioning infrastructure for the transport of liquids and gases. Thus these products are used in numerous industries such as the automotive industry, shipbuilding and plant engineering. What the products all have in common is that they allow for pipes to be bent and their ends machined while efficiency levels can be increased with the use of specific software and measurement technology solutions.

With its Pipe Bending Systems and NODIG business units including sister companies, the TRACTO-TECHNIK Group generates annual sales of over 100 million euros. Over 60 % of this is produced in international markets.

Key facts and figures of the TRACTO-TECHNIK Group

Headquarters: Lennestadt-Saalhausen, germany
Managing directors: Wolfgang Schmidt, Timotheus Hofmeister, Meinolf Rameil, Uwe Prinz
Founding year: 1962
Mitarbeiter: over 500 worldwide, of which around 400 in Germany
Sales: over 100 million € in the NODIG and Pipe Bending Systems business units
Property rights more thann 350 patents worldwide
Awards Hidden Champon, TOP 100, Axia Award, u.v.m.
Exportashare 60%
Export markets Sales partners in over 70 countries
Industrial sector: Mechanical engineering, metalworking & electrical industry



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