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Starting with purchasing material, TT only has suppliers which guarantee the highest quality standards. Especially steel is subject to the strict quality tests which accompny the complete produc-tion process. The latest production tech-niques, high-precision CNC-controlled processing centres turn, bore, mill and grind the work pieces into shape. Parts like bore heads or pistons, which are exposed to great stress, undergo an elaborate hardening process. Other parts are corrosion-protected or galvanised. With the final inspection everything possible has been done to assure an efficient and long-lasting product.

But quality also has a ot to do with  people, especially with virtues like  conscientiousness, thoroughness and precision which are related to the term 'Made in Germany'. Thus TT's train of machinery is equipped for an almost complete in-house production. 



TRACTO-TECHNIK is constantly in search of new suppliers/partners who are up to our high standards. Our primary concerns are:

  • Quality
  • Supply reliability
  • Dependable calendar management
  • Flexibility
  • Procurement costs
  • Communication and
  • Potential for development

We attach great importance to electronic communication (EDI) for reducing administrative expenditure and are interested in suppliers with a high potential for development. Innovative enterprises which rate the above mentioned items higher than the popular catch phrases in business are welcome to become our partners.

If you are looking for a partnership with a company group operating on a world scale, please contact Mr. Schumacher.

Our precondition for a partnership is a QA management system according to international standards in your enterprise.

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