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The new grass football pitch of the football section of TV Eversberg in Meschede / Germany is its pride and joy and was opened for action in the summer of 2017 after many years of planning and thanks to both public and private funding.

The new irrigation system for the pitch was to be supplied with spring water from a water catchment near the new sports pitch. As a company with a strong commitment to its region, TRACTO-TECHNIK carried out the partial installation of the water line as part of a test site. With the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer, the installation was carried out extremely quickly and accurately despite the rocky ground.
The GRUNDOMAT75 with coring head was used to install the PE water pipe OD 63. The 8 m-long pipe corridor ran through a slight downhill slope 1.0 - 1.2 m beneath a road and through rocky ground containing many other lines. This required the maximum possible precision and positional accuracy. However, the natural soil with high proportions of shale and clay only allowed a very narrow starting pit, which was too small for a starting cradle and meant that the soil displacement hammer had to be supported and aligned on wooden blocks.
The tried and tested, powerful crowned head of the GRUNDOMAT75 worked its way through the rocky subsoils without problem. Forward motion based on the 2-stroke principle ensured the maximum possible accuracy. Upon arrival at the destination, the water pipe was connected using a pulling head and then drawn back through the hole in reverse together with the soil displacement hammer.
The new water line was installed and the site cleared after just 3 hours. The officials of the sports club were impressed by the speed of the trenchless pipe installation and the teams of the "SG Eversberg/Heinrichsthal/Wehrstapel" club can look forward to playing their home games on a pitch that is always well watered! 

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